ACER-CEER Launch Event: Annual report on the results of monitoring the internal electricity and natural gas markets

​​24 October 2017 (14.00 -17.00)
CEER Premises, Cours Saint Michel 30a, 1040 Brussels
(Securex building, 5th floor)


On 24 October (14.00-17.00), ACER and CEER will present the main findings of their annual Market Monitoring Report on the internal electricity and natural gas markets. The event will be held in Brussels at the CEER premises at Cours Saint-Michel 30a.

This year the annual Market Monitoring Report consists of four Volumes, covering respectively: Electricity Wholesale Markets, Gas Wholesale Markets, Electricity and Gas Retail Markets, and Consumer Protection and Empowerment. The wholesale Volumes cover key developments in 2016 as well as key recommendations. The retail Volume covers key developments and for the first time also covers data from the Energy Community Contracting Parties, enriching the overall analysis with a comparative approach between the retail markets in the EU and the Energy Community.

Registrations will soon be opened on the ACER website.


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