CEER publishes NRAs' 2019 "Roadmap" methodology self-assessments of retail energy markets

12 November 2020

Today,  CEER publishes national regulatory authorities’ (NRAs) assessments of their retail energy markets in its 2019 Self-Assessment Status Report. This status report uses the framework developed by CEER in its Roadmap to 2025 Well-Functioning Retail Energy Markets. This Roadmap analyses 25 metrics developed in CEER’s 2017 Handbook for National Energy Regulators and creates a process of performing a self-assessment so that, using these metrics, NRAs can assess the health of their own retail energy markets and identify gaps between the current state of the market and where they want the market to be. By identifying these gaps, NRAs can target improvements and seek ways to achieve those improvements.

This status report summarises the results of the 2019 round of self-assessments performed by NRAs, after the development of the first one in 2018, and shows the current state-of-play in the work towards achieving well-functioning retail energy markets. This status report also identifies the varying completion levels and speeds of the self-assessments by NRAs. This is not a benchmarking report, but rather, a structure for each NRA to make progress on its own goals.

In 2019, 23 NRAs used the Handbook to self-assess their national markets in electricity and 15 in gas, with the ultimate goal of fostering a competitive, reliable and innovative markets that benefit customers in each country by 2025. The report also contains 17 pilots that show in a detailed way how individual NRAs are using the metrics to better understand and improve their countries’ retail energy markets.

CEER believes that the self-assessment of metrics can help NRAs with their remit of monitoring and market analysis and thus increase knowledge regarding their national markets. CEER will continue reporting on NRAs’ successive self-assessments that are planned to be carried out annually through to 2025.



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