CEER Note on Stranded Assets

3 July 2020

Today, CEER publishes a note on stranded assets in the distribution network. The note highlights the main findings following a survey on stranded assets to the CEER Member and Observer National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs).

The note includes the NRAs' definition of stranded assets, the main reasons for assets to become stranded and several mechanisms and approaches that could potentially mitigate the risk of stranded assets.

The internal survey also showed that for the majority of NRAs, stranded assets are not regarded as a problem for the time being and very few cases of stranded assets, for both gas and electricity, have been identified in the European countries of the NRAs surveyed.

Nevertheless, CEER will continue to follow the issue of stranded assets and if deemed relevant, conduct further research on the topic.

Please read the full note here.



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