REMIT Implementation ***

Specialised Training on REMIT and REMIT Enforcement


Hybrid 21-22 November 2022
Fundamentals of Energy Regulation Module 1: CEER-FSR joint course: Introduction to EU Energy Regulatory Framework and Policy


Onsite 4-5 April 2022
  Module 2: CEER-FSR joint course: Introduction to European Electricity and Gas Market Regulation


Onsite 6-8 April 2022
  Module 3: Specialised Training on Network Incentive Regulation and Benchmarking



8-10 March 2022

  Module 4: Specialised Training on Network Tariffs for Transmission and Distribution B Hybrid 3-5 May 2022
  Module 5: Specialised Training on Electricity Market Design and Renewables B Hybrid 13-15 September 2022

Module 6: Specialised Training on Energy Sector Integration


Hybrid 18-20 October 2022


Executive-level Seminar on Regulatory Policy and Dynamic Regulation



15 November 2022

Market Monitoring Specialised Training on Retail Market Monitoring and Consumer Protection


Hybrid 22-24 February 2021
Legal Review Specialised Training on Legal Challenges in an Evolving Regulatory Framework B Onsite

12-13 October 2022

Cyber Security Training on Cyber Security: Risk Management and Preparedness, Legal and Policy Developments


Hybrid 31 May - 2 June 2022
Cross-sectoral Training on Regulation of Infrastructure to support the Energy Transition TBC Hybrid 22-24 March 2022
Special Interest Training on Regulation of Energy Communities and New Business Models in the Energy Sector**** A Hybrid 27-29 September 2022
  Training on Regulation of DSOs, Digitalisation and Flexibility Markets A Online 14-16 June 2022
  CEER-EFET Training on European Wholesale Electricity and Gas Market Trading**** A Hybrid 30 November - 1 December 2022

* Level A: Overview course, Level B: Specialised course

** Preliminary format and dates. CEER reserves the right to change dates and format at any time, according to current situation and needs.

*** The REMIT Implementation series is only open for energy regulators. Exceptions can be granted for financial regulators.

**** This training is exceptionally open for non-regulators too, but priority is still given to regulators.