Trainings you cannot miss in autumn 2021


8-10 September: Specialised Training on Electricity Market Design and Renewables (online)
This training on fundamentals of energy will focus on electricity trading generalities, re-dispatching challenges, offshore renewables, Convex Hull pricing, CACM 2.0 and resource adequacy. The online classes will count on an exclusive and balanced combination of trainers.
The agenda will be published soon and registration will open in early July.

27-29 September: Training on Regulation of Energy Communities and New Business Models in the Energy Sector (online)
*Open for non-regulators
The online classes will provide an opportunity to expand knowledge and exchange experiences on the regulation of energy communities. In addition, it will provide examples of case studies and academic research on these topics.
The agenda will be published soon and the registration will open in mid-July.

6-8 October: Specialised Training on Gas Regulation and Energy Sector Integration (online)
Are you interested in the specificities of gas sector regulation and the recent hot topics such as hydrogen and methane strategies and energy sector integration? Book your calendars for 6 to 9 October for this specialised training held online.
More details, agenda and registration, will follow soon.
28-29 October: Specialised Legal Training on the European Green Deal and remaining legal challenges in the Implementation of CEP (on-site)
The course will discuss the recent legal developments and is specifically designed for NRA experts with previous energy regulatory experience.
More details and programme will be available soon.

16 November: Executive-level Seminar on Regulatory Policy and Dynamic Regulation (on-site)
Designed for senior NRA executives, this course offers a first-hand opportunity to learn from and exchange with fellow regulators, policymakers and energy actors directly involved in energy regulatory policy development and implementation. To allow for networking and face to face discussions, the training is planned to take place at the CEER office in Brussels.
More details, agenda and registration, will follow soon.

29-30 November 2021: Specialised Training on REMIT and REMIT Enforcement (on-site)
NRA staff need expertise to carry out monitoring activities of the wholesale energy markets at national level according to REMIT. As part of this, NRA staff need to understand REMIT’s provisions as well as market abuse behaviours, investigation and enforcement procedures, interactions with financial market regulation and anti-trust regulation. This will help facilitate effective cooperation to ensure compatibility and consistency in applying measures dealing with potential market abuse and their enforcement in energy markets.
More details, agenda and registration will follow soon.

25-26 November: CEER-EFET Training on EU Wholesale Electricity and Gas Market Trading (online)
*Open for non-regulators
Do you know how the energy is traded? Training experts will explain key aspects of trading in the wholesale electricity and gas markets based on their own operational, commercial, and professional experience (rather than a theoretical perspective). The training is co-organised with the European Federation of Energy Traders (EFET).  
More details, agenda and registration, will follow in early September.

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