CEER 2nd Paper on Unsupported RES
20 October 2021

Today, CEER publishes its 2nd Paper on Unsupported energy from Renewable Energy Sources (RES). European countries are progressively being confronted with an increasing number of RES installations reaching the end of their support time (EOS), which, in many cases, will differ from their technical lifetime end.

This paper assesses the magnitude of RES installations reaching (or already reached) the EOS. Furthermore, the paper also discusses some upcoming regulatory challenges and identifies alternative business strategies for RES installations after support.

Some of the paper's conclusions are:

  • For the time being, only a small share of RES installations is not being supported but by 2030 around 40% of currently supported installed capacity will reach EOS;
  • The largest share of RES installations running without support have never been supported in the past, notably large hydropower plants; and
  • The strategies followed by unsupported RES installations are varied.
Read the paper here


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