CEER Paper on Unsupported Renewable Energy Installations

20 May 2020

Today, CEER publishes its Paper on Unsupported RES. The short paper provides a first assessment of the status quo of formerly-supported Renewable Energy Sources (RES) installations in Europe. It is based on comprehensive internal CEER analysis which followed three main objectives: (1) Assessing the magnitude of RES installations which will be running without support, notably after their support time has ended, in the coming years; (2) identifying the upcoming regulatory challenges and, if needed, the changes to the legal framework; and (3) showing the alternative business strategies for RES installations running without support.

The paper brings forward the following preliminary messages:

  • For the time being only a small share of RES installations are not being supported.
  • The largest share of RES installations running without support are those which have never been supported in the past, notably large hydropower plants.
  • An increasing amount of capacity will be confronted with the end of their support time in the coming years.
  • For the RES technologies of onshore wind and solar new (larger) capacities are already being planned and installed to run without any direct financial support.
  • The legal framework governing RES installations has so far not been adapted: Either because the framework does not make a difference between supported and unsupported RES or because the support time is still running and adaptation will be needed only in the future.
  • The strategies followed by unsupported RES installations are manifold. The most likely approach is – at least in case of larger installations – to rely on the market as a source of income. Smaller ones, mainly PV, will most likely focus on self-consumption.

Please read the full paper here.



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