CEER Public Consultation

CEER believes strongly in stakeholder engagement and the value of good public consultations.

CEER's Public Consultation Guidelines adopt best practice standards.  They guide our work by the principles of openness, transparency, consistency and accountability.  Our PC Guidelines are comprehensive, setting out (1) whom (2) when and (3) how CEER consults as well as (4) how CEER provides feedback and (5) treats confidential information.

For the past number of years, CEER maintains and regularly updates a Calendar of its planned Public Consultations.  The online public consultation calendar includes a "next steps" column on the consultation process which should further facilitate stakeholders' planning.  

CROSS-SECTORAL 2020 Work Programme June-July 2019  
CROSS-SECTORAL Public consultation on draft Guide on Bundled Products 14 November 2018  
 GAS Public consultation on Regulatory Challenges for a Sustainable Gas Sector   17 May 2019