E10-PC-59:Conceptual model for the European gas market – Call for Evidence

2010/11/05 - 2011/01/07


The 18th Madrid Forum invited the European Commission and regulators to explore, in close cooperation with system operators and other stakeholders, the interaction and interdependence of all relevant areas for network codes and to initiate a process establishing a gas target model.

Regulators expressed their readiness to chair and coordinate this process, and to present  an outline on the definition and the scope of the gas target model to be developed.

European Energy Regulators invite all stakeholders to participate in the call for evidence and to provide comments on the list of questions.

Following the consultation period, CEER/ERGEG  published all comments received from stakeholders. If a respondent would like CEER/ERGEG  to treat their contribution with confidentiality then this must be explicitly mentioned in their submission.

All comments had to be submitted by Friday, 14 January 2011 and sent by email to: gas_target_model@ergeg.org

Given the importance of this issue, the first stakeholder workshop was held on 3 December 2010 in Vienna. The second workshop was held on 22 February 2011 in Bonn (Germany).

The third workshop is scheduled for 11 April 2011 in London.  Stakeholders interested in participating in this workshop should submit their participation by filling in the on-line registration form no later than 2 April 2010. 

The fourth workshop will be held in June 2011 in Brussels.

Based on the results of this call for evidence, the outcome of a public workshops and bilateral discussions with stakeholders, CEER will work further on a vision for a conceptual model for the European gas market.

Any questions on these documents should in the first instance be directed to:

Mrs. Fay Geitona
CEER Secretary General
Email: fay.geitona@ceer.eu
Tel. +32 2 788 73 30
Fax +32 2 788 73 50

4th workshop

Fourth European Energy Regulators Workshop on target model for the European gas market

28 June 2011, Brussels

CEER draft discussion paper on GTM

Agenda of the 4th Gas Target Model Workshop

List of participants

Introduction by CEER

The Commission’s vision of a Gas Target Model
European Commission (DG ENER) presentation

Ensuring secure supply patterns in Europe
CEER presentation

Implementing economic investment
CEER presentation

Vision for a European Gas Target model State of discussion
CEER presentation

Target Model – Lessons learnt and next steps

EFET view

GIE views on Gas Target Model

Gas Target Model - GEODE view

European gas market - OGP view

GTM - view of local energy companies
CEDEC view

GTM - The electricity industry perspective
Eurelectric view

GTM - EuroPEX view
The vision paper of a "Gas Target Model" for the European Union by Jean–Michel Glachant, Director of Florence School of Regulation can be downloaded here: http://www.florence-school.eu/portal/page/portal/FSR_HOME/ENERGY/Publications/Working_Papers/2011/RSCAS_2011_38.pdf



Walter Boltz, Chair of CEER's Gas Working Group

Stefanie Neveling, CEER

Martin Crouch, CEER



Daniel Hantigk, E-Control

Dafydd ab Iago (journalist) and Walter Boltz



3rd workshop

Agenda of the 3rd Gas Target Model Workshop

CEER presentation

CEER presentation

ENTSOG presentation

CEER presentation

E-bridge presentaiton

GRT Gaz/Powernext presentation

CEER Presentation
Problems in the European gas market and high level overview of options

CEER Presentation
Enabling Market Areas
Initial Assessment of merging market areas and trading regions

CEER Presentation
Connecting Markets
Initial assessment of options for connecting markets

Powernext and GRT Gaz Presentation
Pilot project on market coupling PEG Nord / PEG Sud

E-Bridge and EEX Presentation
Market coupling in gas?

ENTSOG Presentation
Zone Merger – learning from experience and developing an evidential based approach

GIE Presentation
GIE views on Gas Target Model - focus on storage

Stakeholder feedback received - EEX

Stakeholder Feedback received - IUK

Stakeholder Feedback received - GIE

Stakeholder Feedback received - Paul Hunt

Stakeholder Feedback received - ENTSOG

Stakeholder Feedback received - Eurogas 1

Stakeholder Feedback received - Eurogas 2

Stakeholder Feedback received - GIE (after 2nd WS)

Presentation of the pre-release Gas Target Model: The MECOS Model

 - Florence School of Regulation stody on a European Gas Target Model

In preparation of the 3rd workshop on the European gas target model on 11 April 2011 in London, all interested stakeholders were kindly invited to join a livestream presentation of the proposed MECO Model. Here you may watch the recorded livestream and the presentation for download.

Market design for natural gas: the Target Model for the Internal Market
LECG study, March 2011

Pre-Release Gas Target Model: The MECOS Model
DISCLAIMER: This paper is “work in progress”. Further work may lead to changes in the model as contribution to the FSR project.

2nd workshop

Draft workshop agenda

How to reach Federal Environment Ministry (BMU) premises

Live stream instructions

Presentations from the workshop:

by Stefanie Neveling

Evaluation of Comments of the Call for Evidence
by Pamela Taylor

LECG study
by Boaz Moselle

Implicit auctions
by Stefanie Neveling

Florence School of Regulation
by Jean-Michel Glachant

1st workshop


CEER Vision for European gas target model
Walter Boltz

European Commission's view
Inge Bernaerts

View of the Florence School of Regulation
Sergio Ascari

ENTSOG's view
Stephan Kamphues

EFET's view
Dirk Stuedemann

GIE's view
Abel Enriquez

GEODE's view
Christian Thole

CEFIC's view
Frank Choufoer

OGP's view
Sam Phillips

Inge Pierre

EuroPEX's view
JOs Bijkersma

Eurogas view
Ralf Presse

CEDEC's view
Joost Gottmer

IFIEC's view
Dr. Hans Grünfeld - not presented at the workshop

Project Plan

Call for Evidence Documents

CEER Vision Paper for a conceptual model for the European gas market - Call for Evidence

Evaluation of Comments received to the Call for Evidence on CEER Vision Paper for a conceptual model for the European gas market, 2 March 2011

Public Responses to CfE