12th EU-US Energy Regulators Roundtable
Madrid, 25-26 April 2016

Closing statement


List of participants

Issues of decarbonisation and RES
ACER, Alberto Pototschnig

Issues of decarbonization and RES
CEER, Fernando Hernández

Achieving Renewable Energy and Climate Goals In New England and Beyond
NARUC, John W. Betkoski

Integrated Energy Network
EPRI, Michael W. Howard

Between Moore and Maxwell
Newes, Jorge Vasconcelos

Encouraging flexibility
NARUC, Anne Hoskins

Flexibility – The Regulator’s Perspective
CEER, Garrett Blaney

Encouraging Flexibility – A Regulators’ Perspective
NARUC, Ellen Nowak

Monitoring wholesale energy trading – The ACER experience
ACER, Volker Zuleger

Monitoring Wholesale Energy Trading: The US Experience
FERC, Tony Clark

International energy markets and future challenges
NARUC, Anne E. Hoskins

European regulators’ view on how to develop the key role of consumers in the new energy model
CEER, Patricia de Suzzoni

EU gas hub development and a comparison with US Henry Hub
ACER, Dennis Hesseling

Cybersecurity and US Regulatory Structure
NARUC, Lisa Edgar

CEER, Philipp Irschik