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Our courses are designed and led by regulators for regulators, and our course programme focuses on current challenges that energy regulators are facing, covering latest developments and new frameworks in the energy sector.

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Secure your seat already for our first course this year: The Specialised Training on Retail Market Monitoring and Consumer Protection, taking place 22-24 February 2022.


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This tailor-made CEER online training programme will help energy regulators deliver the expertise in setting network incentive regulation and carrying out benchmarking. The programme will cover the principles of network incentive regulation in the context of significant developments impacting on the energy network such as innovation, flexibility and digitalisation. It will include specific cases studies on how to design the incentive schemes, how to switch from cost-plus to incentive-based regulation and how to use regulatory sandboxes in the implementation of incentive schemes. The programme will also focus on benchmarking methodologies and practices of electricity and gas networks in the context of network tariff regulation.

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