CEER welcomes the European Commission’s communication of the European Green Deal (13 December 2019)

Energy Regulators recommend legislative and regulatory action to support the decarbonisation of Europe’s energy sector (19 November 2019)

Energy regulators call for a greater consumer focus in implementing the Clean Energy for All Europeans Package (5 November 2019)

Press Release: European and Mediterranean regulators team up on empowering consumers to benefit from the energy transition (26 June 2019)

Press Release: CEER welcomes the Council of Ministers of the EU’s adoption of the remaining files of the Clean Energy for All Europeans package (22 May 2019)

Press Release: Energy digitalisation tops the agenda of a workshop of the Energy Community, Eastern Partnership and European regulators (22 May 2019)

Press Release: CEER welcomes the European Parliament’s agreement on the Clean Energy Package (26 March 2019)

Press Release: CEER Elects New Vice Presidents (22 March 2019)

Press Release: Energy regulators seek to enable digitalisation in the consumer interest (19 March 2019)

Press Release: European energy regulators sign MOU with Eastern and Southern Africa energy regulators (29 January 2019)

Press Release: Dr Annegret Groebel is elected President of the Council of European Energy Regulators (24 January 2019)