ACER-CEER Paper on Improving the Proposed TEN-E Revision


05 March 2021

Today, CEER publishes the ACER-CEER Position Paper on Improving the Regulation on Guidelines for Trans-European Energy Networks (TEN-E Regulation). This paper is a response to the European Commission’s December 2020 proposal for the revision of the Regulation (EU) 347/2013 on Guidelines for Trans-European Energy Networks (“TEN-E Regulation”). The EU Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER) and energy national regulatory authorities (NRAs) in the CEER welcome the adaptation of the TEN-E Regulation to the policy goals of the EU Green Deal but see room for improvement in a number of areas from a regulatory viewpoint. 

In ACER and CEER’s view, the legislative proposal should be further improved to promote a neutral and independent technical assessment of infrastructure projects, to ensure those projects bringing most benefits for the European Green Deal are supported and to avoid any risks of unjustified costs to European consumers.

The paper looks at 

• The quality of the tools to assess infrastructure needs and projects’ value according to European energy policy objectives; and 
• The role of regulators and ACER in the governance of the Projects of Common Interest (PCI) process, ensuring they can effectively oversee TSOs’ tasks and decide on project implementation.

ACER and NRAs can play a neutral role in the European network development process and, given their technical expertise and experience, they are naturally well-placed to improve it. ACER and CEER encourage legislation that would incorporate the benefits of a strengthened role for regulators. 

Please read the full paper here.


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