April 2018 


If you are looking for a good day out in Brussels, we have plenty of events!  Don’t miss the CEER 2018 Annual Conference on Tuesday afternoon, 5 June.  The theme is CEER’s 3D Strategy: Digitalisation, Decarbonisation & Dynamic Regulation”. Our 3-year 3D strategy will be launched at our 2018 Annual Conference. Register fast as seats are limited.
Besides our CEER Annual Conference, there are plenty of EU Sustainable Energy week (EUSEW) events around Europe, from 4-8 June.  CEER is co-hosting two EUSEW policy conferences  on Thursday 7 June:
Changing Landscapes of Renewable Energy Financing and Support (from 14.00 - 15.30)
CLEAN ENERGY 4.0: designing a new era for all Europeans together (from 16.00 - 17.30)
Presentations from CEER’s recent launch event on our Future Role of Gas (FROG) report (which we featured last month) are now online.
This month, we feature how we are working with partners - EBRD and European Commission -  to spread good regulation in the Eastern Partnership area. There is an open call for ICER Chronicle Articles and Women in Energy stories (see international section below).
Our next training course (open to regulators) is on Implementation of the electricity network codes and guidelines, on 23-24 May.

FEATURE - CEER working with partners (EBRD and European Commission) to spread good regulation – Eastern Partnership area
CEER has always been supportive of the development of energy regulatory staff both inside and outside of Europe. Here’s two examples of how we are working to support Europe’s external energy policy objectives and the spread of good regulatory practice through our international work in the Eastern Partnership area.

CEER-EBRD mission to help establish an independent regulator in Azerbaijan

Following a pilot project in 2013, CEER and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) are working together to provide capacity-building capability to regulators from EBRD’s countries of operation. Thanks to the EBRD’s support, the vast expertise and experience of CEER’s network of regulatory staff can be shared with international regulatory bodies, helping countries improve their regulatory frameworks and implement energy market reforms. This in turn helps spread best practice energy regulation among markets that interact with Europe, to our mutual benefit.
Azerbaijan is the first country to benefit from this CEER-EBRD collaboration. As part of its strategic roadmap, Azerbaijan has decided to create an independent energy regulatory authority.  With EBRD as project sponsor, CEER has been able to support the local authorities in their endeavour of setting up an energy regulatory authority. From CEER’s vast network of regulatory experts from across Europe, a team of 3 experts (with the technical skills, prior experience of regulatory start-ups and languages) were deployed on a week-long mission to Baku in February. The on-site work involved a workshop and bilateral meetings with Azerbaijan’s major state institutions, energy companies and international organisations to discuss the current challenges and possible solutions directly with the concerned actors, and share practical experiences from Europe. The output was a diagnostic report and a set of possible next steps (e.g. legislative process and steps needed for reforms) for the establishment of an energy regulatory authority in Azerbaijan.

CEER-European Commission Eastern Partnership workshop
CEER's engagement in the Eastern Partnership region dates to 2012 when we organised jointly with the European Commission an Eastern Partnership workshop for regulatory bodies. Now in its 7th year, this annual Eastern Partnership workshop will next be held in Budapest on 14-15 June. The focus this year is on security of supply and solidarity.


Call for article for ICER Chronicle, and Women in Energy stories - 30 June
Energy regulators worldwide, including CEER, collaborate through the International Confederation of Energy Regulators (ICER). Twice a year, ICER publishes, in electronic format, the ICER Chronicle, featuring articles on the latest regulatory research/thinking and Women in Energy (WIE) stories.

Your submissions (articles and WIE stories) are welcome by 30 June 2018 - from regulators, academia, industry, consultants, consumer groups etc. These will be considered for the next edition of the ICER Chronicle.



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