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 Call for CEER Members'/Observers' submissions for 11th edition of the ICER Chronicle

 7 September 2021 

ICER (International Confederation of Energy Regulators) has re-launched the publication of the ICER Chronicle after the hiatus caused by the coronavirus pandemic and ICER leadership changes in June. The 11th issue is planned for publication in December 2021.

The updated publication was redesigned as a contemporary magazine with quality graphics and great storytelling. Read the 10th Edition here.

Do you want to have a feature article in the next edition? Please find out about the specifications, the theme (“Energy Industry Disruption”) and further details in the Call for Articles.

The deadline for submissions is Monday 27 September 2021.


What is it about?

The ICER Chronicle as a means to further promote its goals of enhanced exchange of regulatory research and expertise.  Through ICER, energy regulatory issues can transcend regional and national boundaries and be addressed through dialogue and cooperation on a global scale.


Questions? Write to ICER Associate Editor martina.schusterova@ceer.eu

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