Press Release 21-02


European and Mediterranean regulators continue to encourage greater consumer engagement in markets

Brussels/Vienna/Milan, 26 May 2021

Strengthening regulatory dialogue across Europe and the Mediterranean region to support consumers in becoming active energy market participants in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic and recovery are themes of a two-day trilateral workshop that began today. The workshop was organised by the Council of European Energy Regulators (CEER1), the Energy Community Regulatory Board (ECRB2) and the Association of Mediterranean Energy Regulators (MEDREG3), for the first time in online format. Special focus is being given to commercial quality, prosumers and active self-consumption, billing and digitalisation.

Active consumer engagement plays a vital role in driving strong competition, ensuring markets work effectively and making the energy transition a reality. This, in turn, raises questions regarding which regulatory measures can be used to extend these benefits to all consumers and how to engage all consumers. Making sure that no one is left behind is a fundamental guiding principle for CEER, ECRB and MEDREG in their regulatory responsibilities and their work relating to consumer protection. 

This third edition of the trilateral workshop is an example of enhanced cooperation between the three regional organisations of energy regulators, confirmed in a cooperation arrangement that was signed in December 20184.

CEER President Annegret Groebel said: “Placing consumers at the centre of energy markets, with consumer-centric dynamic regulation, and empowering consumers to actively contribute to and benefit from a flexible energy system is an essential part of the regulatory model on which CEER is building its new Strategy 2022-2025 towards a carbon-neutral society and economy. This is done by embedding into our work the principles of the CEER-BEUC 2030 Vision for Energy Consumers5.”

ECRB President, Mr Marko Bislimoski added: “Consumers are in the centre of ECRB activities since its very beginnings. As regulators, it is our core duty to ensure that liberalisation and energy transition delivers for the benefit of consumers. Safeguarding a fair deal for consumers in context with the Clean Energy Package puts new challenges on us incentivising active engagement of consumers and empowering them to take advantage from new flexibility tools has moved into the centre of ECRB consumer activities while consumer protection and safeguarding a high standard of quality of supply remains a secondary regulatory focus.

MEDREG Permanent Vice-President Mr Stefano Besseghini underlined: “Nowadays energy consumers are not always able to access affordable energy and thus become actual prosumers across the Mediterranean region. With today’s workshop and an ongoing report on this topic, MEDREG calls for an increasing digitalization that supports the development of smarter and safer energy systems, which will enable consumers to better benefit from innovative services and be active players in the energy markets. In MEDREG, we will deepen what regulators can do to encourage the usage of flexibility services when they are economically viable – particularly through their management of network tariffs, balancing and capacity allocation mechanisms.

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