Dear All,

With this email, the CEER Secretariat wishes to thank all those who took the time to complete our recent questionnaire on the internal CEER Weekly. The results have informed our planned changes to the Weekly as explained below.

The Secretariat received 39 responses to the questionnaire. Taking on board the responses received, the Secretariat is making the following changes to the Weekly, mostly from next week onwards:

•   The publication will be moved from every week to every second week, and to earlier in the day. This is because a majority of questionnaire respondents (56%) requested a change in frequency of publication to either every two weeks or monthly. In terms of timing, the Secretariat is publishing the document earlier on a Friday, publishing it at circa 11.00 CET rather than in the afternoon, as this may suit NRA staff better (we already started this last week).
•   The name of the CEER Weekly will change to “CEER Current”.
•   The Secretariat will examine the option of including the publication in the main body of the email as well as the link.
•  The content of the publication will largely remain the same,
as the responses on the content were very diverse and the majority (54%) stated that the current size of the document is fine. That said, two content changes are:
1. The section on the CEER Training Academy will be reduced somewhat as most information can be found on the CEER website.
2. Articles from working level in NRAs and highlighting NRA publications will be added, when input from NRAs can be provided. This addition was preferred by 51% of the respondents.
If you have relevant NRA publications/activities that we could highlight in the CEER Current, please send the link with a short description/explanation to and

The Secretariat will monitor the impact of these changes in the coming months to help ensure that this service meets the needs of our regulators. Please feel free to contact me if you have any queries.

Kind regards,

Liselotte Gijzemijter

High Level Administrator

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