Press Release 19-05

CEER welcomes the European Parliament’s agreement on the Clean Energy Package

Adopted provisions will enable new market and business models to emerge, enhance consumer rights and facilitate their engagement with the electricity sector

•    Faster supplier switching, with switching fees banned
•    Citizens empowered to participate individually and in Energy Communities
•    Clarity on the roles of Distribution System Operators (DSOs)

The Council of European Energy Regulators (CEER1), the voice of Europe’s energy regulators, welcomes the outcome of today’s vote in the European Parliament in favour of the Clean Energy legislative package.

CEER President, Annegret Groebel, said
“The Clean Energy Package provides for a well-balanced electricity market design in the energy transition to decarbonisation. The new regulatory framework rightly protects and enhances consumer rights. With supplier switching fees banned, many companies will need to adjust their business models. Regulators are preparing for the implementation phase and confirm their commitment to making the Clean Energy measures work in the best interests of European energy consumers.”

CEER welcomes in particular the following provisions that will ensure more flexible, competitive and consumer-centric energy markets.

Faster supplier switching and no supplier switching fees

CEER has long called for supplier switching to be fast and free. We welcome the new legal requirements that by 2026 the technical process for switching energy supplier must be no more  than 24 hours2. We also welcome the ban on supplier switching fees for consumers.

Empowering citizens individually and through Citizen Energy Communities

Consumers must be at the heart of the energy system. The new rules appropriately allow citizens to become empowered to engage in the energy market, either as individuals or as part of an energy community - the role for which has been clarified.

Clear roles for Distribution System Operators (DSOs)

Regulators welcome the clarity that the role of DSOs should be as neutral market facilitators. In keeping with CEER’s positions, the Clean Energy package draws a clear boundary between core activities of DSOs and other competitive services which DSOs should not typically engage in, such as storage and Electric Vehicle infrastructure3.

Other important Clean Energy provisions which CEER supports include:
•    Reinforcement of NRAs’ independence in terms of tasks, duties and budgets/financial resources;
•    Explicit and rules-based cross-border participation in capacity mechanisms, improving pan-European security of supply;
•    Clearer customer information and billing requirements; and
•    Distribution tariffs to reflect local specificities and no “one-size-fits-all” approach.

As independent regulators working in the consumer interest, CEER is happy that its evidence-based expertise contributed to the thinking behind this important legislative package4. CEER remains committed to continued dialogue to implement effectively the Clean Energy measures.

Brussels, 26 March 2019

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