5. Nov

CEER 2019 Customer Conference

  •  5. November 2019 - 5. November 2019
  •  09:00‐ 16:00
  •  Club of the University Foundation, Egmontstreet 11, B-1000 Brussels

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CEER 2019 Customer Conference ''Consumers at the heart of implementing the Clean Energy Package framework''

The transition towards a decarbonised energy system, with higher shares of renewable generation and increased energy efficiency targets, is changing consumer behaviour and should increase the uptake of active demand solutions and services, including collectively.

Energy communities and (collective) self-consumption (which are now formally recognised in the Clean Energy Package legislation) can enable consumers to contribute flexibility to the market and grid operators.

The aim of the conference will be to showcase innovative approaches to empower and engage consumers in implementing the Clean Energy framework and discuss challenges to becoming fully-fledged market players. In addition, insights on regulatory implications of the formal recognition of citizen and renewable energy communities and associated issues such as collective self-consumption will be addressed.

The conference will give stakeholders, and in particular consumer associations, the opportunity to express their views and expectations on this matter, which will be a useful base for further reflection at the appropriate political, regulatory and strategic level.

CEER Customer Conference - AGENDA

Energy regulators call for a greater consumer focus in implementing the Clean Energy for All Europeans Package (5 November 2019)