23. Mar

CEER Customer Conference 2022

  •  23. March 2022 - 23. March 2022
  •  13:45‐ 17:30
  •  Sq. de Meeûs 5, 1000 Brussels Townhall Europe/Online

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Survival 101! The energy price spikes and the Green Transition – Empowering consumers

The green transition and the digital transition are changing energy markets. Technological developments give rise to new and innovative business models, while the decarbonization process is increasing the share of renewable generation, coupled with more ambitious energy efficiency targets. 

As these developments lead the way to a sustainable and green economic, the question remains on who should bare the brunt of the green transition and what tools do consumers have to navigate this changing and evolving environment. As Europe’s energy prices reached unprecedent heights in 2021, the impacts were felt by both household energy consumers and businesses. How can consumers be better informed and empowered to be active players in the energy market, access green and affordable offers and play a role in the green transition?

The registration for this event will open soon. More information will follow shortly.