CEER sets out a regulatory strategy on energy digitalisation that benefits consumers 

Digitalisation will have a significant influence on the energy sector including for consumers. The CEER Digitalisation Paper (published today) highlights a pathway to getting the best out of digitalisation in the energy sector, with a focus on benefitting and protecting consumers. In terms of the value proposition of digitalisation, CEER identified that digitalisation:

  • increases the productivity of the energy system;
  • enables new services that alter energy demand; and
  • brings new platforms and market places that transform the sector.

Six elements lie at the heart of CEER’s sustainable regulatory strategy for energy digitalisation:

  1. Giving the right price-signals: Generation, consumption and network data needs to be given a clear market value to incentivise prosumers and their intermediaries to profit from using the data to optimise their behaviour.
  2. Encouraging Distribution System Operators (DSOs) to use flexibility: A great deal of the value in data comes from DSOs making efficient use of the information to increase the system efficiency.
  3. Empowering consumers: Digitalisation needs to be used to empower consumers to ensure that they can benefit from increased digitalisation of the energy sector.
  4.  Generating the right sort of data: Appropriately granular data on the electricity system is needed, data which is beneficial for managing the whole system.
  5. Making data accessible and useful: Data needs to be collated and made available not only to network operators but also to current and potential market participants:
    - Accessible and interoperable data for current and potential market participants, subject to appropriate cost-benefit analysis.
    - Data needs to be secure, in line with cybersecurity and data protection requirements.
  6. Allowing innovation: For consumers to benefit from innovation and digitalisation, regulators and DSOs need to be adaptable and respond to developments in markets.

To fulfil these core elements, CEER identified five priority actions and seven recommendations for regulators, DSOs and others.

This paper is the result of an extensive public consultation to which we received 47 responses. CEER thanks the respondents and our independent consultant for their input in shaping this strategy. This CEER Conclusions Paper incorporates the received responses. See the Evaluation of Responses to the consultation.

Digitalisation is one of three pillars of CEER’s 3D Strategy for the years 2019 to 2021. This paper is a key part of this work and will shape further digitalisation-related work.

Read the full "CEER Conclusions Paper on Dynamic Regulation to Enable Digitalisation of the Energy System" here.


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