PS-05 - Public Survey - Framework Guideline Review Process


Framework Guideline Review Process - Public Questionnaire (for electricity and gas)

ERGEG is undertaking a review of the process used for the development of framework guidelines during the interim period (until ACER becomes operational on 3 March 2011). The aim is to make recommendations to ACER,  based on the gathered experience, in order to help support ACER´s work processes going forward.
To undertake this review, ERGEG  would welcome the views of those stakeholders who have been involved in the framework guideline development process. For this purpose, ERGEG prepared a dedicated online survey with questions relating to the different steps of the framework guideline drafting process, to its timing and to the involvement of stakeholders.

Stakeholders are invited to participate in this survey via the online questionnaire.

Please go to the tab "login" to receive a login for the questionnaire and download instructions on how to fill it in.

You can view a list of all logins that have so far indicated an interest in participating in the consultation on the tab "accredited logins".

The deadline for comments is  10 December 2010.

Any questions on this consultation should in the first instance be directed to:

Mrs. Fay Geitona
CEER Secretary General
Tel. +32 2 788 73 30
Fax +32 2 788 73 50

Login request

Registering for participation in the public online questionnaire

If you would like to respond to the online questionniare on the Framework Guideline Review Process, you can do so in five simple steps:

  1. Fill in the form below and indicate your personal/company details.
  2. You will receive an automatic e-mail with your registration details. The e-mail states that your registration is not confirmed. Please use the link in the e-mail to confirm your details.
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  4. After a short while, we will send you a personal e-mail with your username and password for participating in the public consultation (this might take a few days). Your name, username and oragnisation now appear in the list of accredited logins in the respective tab in this section of the website.
  5. Use these login details to log onto, go to the online questionnaire tab in this section, check whether you can see the "submit" button at the bottom of the page and if so, start filling in the questionnaire.

Detailed instructions on how to handle the functionalities of the questionnaire are given in the document below.

Online questionnaire

Thank you for participating in the Framework Guideline Review Process. Please insert your comments in the questionnaire below.

Important: Please use the special login you have been sent for filling in the questionnaire.

We recommend clicking 'submit' at the bottom of the page after entering a couple of answers - they are saved and displayed for you to review and change at any time. Each time you submit answers, an automatic e-mail with all entries you have made is sent to the e-mail you have specified in registration.

Accredited logins

This page lists all persons who have requested and received a login to respond to the online questionnaire. This list serves for all staff members of companies, organisations and international concerns/conglomerates who would like to submit responses to the public consultation to see whether a colleague of theirs has maybe already received a login.

If you have already requested a login for participating in the public consultation but not received login details yet or if you have received login details but do not appear on this list yet, please be patient. We are trying to respond to all requests as quickly as possible.

The list below reflects those organisations which have indicated a preliminary interest in responding to our online questionnaire.