C16-PC-81: CEER Public Consultation on LNG



Over the past months, CEER has been investigating how LNG could contribute to enhance the security of gas supply in Europe. This work has been realised in the framework of the winter package which includes the revision of the regulation 994/2010 on security of supply and the communication on an EU strategy for LNG and storage.

Whilst the role of LNG linked to EU gas security of supply has been subject to investigations , the question of the way to maximise benefits from pipeline vs. LNG competition have not been yet analysed. With the objective to make LNG accessible for all European users, CEER intends to identify potential barriers to the use of LNG and to the access to LNG terminals in the EU. CEER is also focusing on ensuring that LNG, once injected into the grid, can be delivered where it is needed.

Project approach
CEER has developed a short questionnaire which we are sending to organisations who a) represent LNG market players (such as shippers and traders), and LNG operators, or b) who have an in-depth knowledge of the LNG market. CEER will organise a workshop on 12 September ( link to workshop page) and, based upon the responses received, will draft an interim report with a view to presenting these initial findings at the October 2016 Madrid Forum. CEER would like to emphasise that the results of this investigation will serve as a basis for further work.

Response date and contact details
You are kindly invited to respond to the online questionnaire here
Please submit your response by 19 August 2016.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate and contact us at sander.ramp@ceer.eu.


The Report on Removing LNG Barriers on gas markets was published on 1 December 2017.

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