European energy regulators on the international stage

Since the creation of CEER, European energy regulators have built a tradition of working side by side with international counterparts with the ambition to promote best-in-class energy regulation. This collaboration is driven by regular dialogue and the sharing of our extensive experience to assist counterparts worldwide. 

Over the years, CEER has built a strong track record of providing technical assistance on legislative and regulatory framework in various regions, delivering training programs to support the clean energy transition, and enhancing the voice of European regulators on the global stage. Our approach to international cooperation and capacity building demonstrates the added value of our Members’ experiences but also reflects the insights gained from exchanges with our international partners.

Building on CEER’s values of peer-to-peer collaboration, active involvement in global decarbonisation efforts, and empowering consumers for the energy transition, CEER’s international strategy – updated in October 2023 to adapt to the evolving international context – focuses on three strategic objectives:

  1. Welcoming and stimulating dialogue: CEER is committed to foster constructive dialogue with international partners, initiating new connections with energy regulators and consolidating established links. 
  2. Promoting high standards: CEER seeks to promote and uphold the highest standards of regulation for independent regulators across the globe.
  3. Contributing to the energy transition: CEER is determined to play an active role in the global energy transition, aligning with the European Union’s ambition of external energy engagement, as published in May 2022.

If you are a regulatory authority from an EFTA country or an EU accession country you can join CEER as observer. Please contact the CEER office ( with an expression of interest.

Find out more: Download the CEER International Strategy.

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