Market Monitoring Reports & National Reporting


Monitoring markets and compliance with laws, rules and recommendations is an important element of regulators’ work at national and EU level. CEER gathers and analyses data on a range of energy regulatory issues, providing a solid evidence base which can inform wider policy making. The subfolders on the right hand side contain the individual National Reports of the EU member countries and Norway and ACER-CEER Market Monitoring Reports.

ACER-CEER Market Monitoring Reports consist of three volumes: 

  • the Electricity Wholesale Market volume (assesses the functioning of the internal electricity wholesale market); 
  • the Gas Wholesale Market volume (assesses the functioning of the internal gas wholesale market); and 
  • Energy Retail and Consumer Protection volume (evaluates retail markets performance across the EU, identifying relevant best practices to promote competition to the benefit of end consumers. In the past, these used to be two separate volumes.).

The year the reports are published focuses on developments related to the previous calendar year (e.g. reports published in 2020 provide analysis of the 2019 data).