National Reporting 2010

ERGEG 2010 Status Review of the Liberalisation and Implementation of the Energy Regulatory Framework
Ref. C10-URB-34-04, 7 December 2010

This 2010 ERGEG Status Review on the Liberalisation and Implementation of the Regulatory Framework draws conclusions primarily from the National Reports of the national energy regulators and from several additional, also external sources in order to build an assessment of the development of the European energy market. The Status Review refers to the situation in 2009 and tracks the development of national electricity and gas markets and the progress towards a single EU energy market.

A main finding of the ERGEG Status Review is the need for speedy implementation of the 3rd Package. Although the 28 national reports (which includes Norway) showed some positive developments, ERGEG’s Status Review finds that progress towards competitive retail markets is still slow, cutting off consumers from the benefits of increased efficiency on wholesale markets. Unbundling of network companies is still insufficient. Market concentration on a national basis in wholesale electricity (as well as gas) markets remains a problem. Improved market integration might, however, alleviate the negative effects of national market concentration.

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