January 2012

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  Issue: January 2012

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We start the new year by highlighting our priorites for the year ahead in the CEER’s 2012 Work Programme (see feature also).  Our 2011 Annual Report takes a look back at the achievements over the course of 2011 such as CEER winning the 2011 Energy Transparency Award, and CEER developing with stakeholders a vision of the European gas market (the so called Gas Target Model). 

CEER is pleased to welcome Elcom, the Swiss Regulator, who will join CEER’s ranks as an Observer with effect from 1 February 2012.

MEP Thurmes With a focus on Energy Infrastructure and Energy Efficiency, the CEER Conference 2012 (25th January) was a cracker, attracting more than 260 delegates and 23 top-level speakers.  EU Energy Commissioner Oettinger headlined the event, setting out the ambitions of the Energy Infrastructure proposals. MEP Correia de Campos (Rapporteur of the Energy Infrastructure Regulation) outlined how to tie up the loose ends of the Energy Infrastructure proposals.

MEP Turmes wears his cycling helmet at CEER
Conference as he debates with panelists on

Energy Efficiency.  See photos and PR.                                            
We have published our monitoring report on transaction reporting and detecting market misconduct in wholesale energy markets, which provides some good practice examples by regulators. We also concluded our public consultation on the take-off of a demand response electricity market with smart meters, with our final advice. As part of our current review of CEER’s public consultation practice, we invite your feedback on what works, what doesn’t and your suggestions for improvements. Please send your comments before 1 March 2012 to Una Shortall (una.shortall@ceer.eu).

Feature - CEER champions customers in its work programme 2012

The CEER work programme 2012 is the result of a public consultation. The purpose of the consultation is to increase transparency and to provide us with valuable feedback from stakeholders which helps shape our priorities. 

Stakeholders vote on CEER’s priorities using online voting
CEER received strong support for our proposed 2012 objectives from the 15 respondents who participated in the consultation. For the first time, stakeholders had the opportunity to vote online on each of CEER’s specific deliverables.  A table in the Evaluation of Responses to the 2012 WP consultation shows the results of stakeholders’ ranking of the importance of individual deliverables. 

What are the priorities of the CEER 2012 Work Programme?
o Development by CEER of a customer vision of energy markets
o Market development consistent with the objectives of an Internal Energy Market by 2014
o Further development of the regulatory framework
o Monitoring markets and implementation
o International cooperation and dialogue

CEER embeds customer issues across our work
Discrete customer deliverables were always a key part of our annual work programme. For example, during 2012, CEER will undertake several strands of work which promote efficient retail markets. What is new in 2012 is that CEER has adapted its overall approach, embedding customer issues throughout our work:
o There will  be a customer perspective in all CEER documents,
o There will be specific customer session in workshops organised by CEER and we will have a dedicated customer event in June;
o CEER will single out the voice of customer organisations in our own consultations.

CEER will champion customers’ interests and seek to place consumers at the heart of EU energy policy
We need to have a better understanding of customers’ needs and wants. CEER is looking to others to help inform our knowledge. Already at the London Forum (last October), CEER President, Lord Mogg called on Forum participants to identify their priorities for the Internal Energy Market (IEM) so that the IEM will work for customers, asking for concrete ideas (i.e. beyond generalisations) on actions to be taken.  

In 2012, CEER will start a process to build a 2020 customer vision of Europe’s energy market in dialogue with stakeholders.  Watch out for our customer event in June, when we will launch our initial thinking.

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