January 2016

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  Issue: January 2016

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2016 is destined to be a busy and exciting year with lots of EU energy law revisions and initiatives. We sought views on what our 2016 work priorities should be. You responded. We listened. The result is CEER’s 2016 Work Programme (see our feature article below).  Consumers, distribution networks and supporting the European Commission with new/revised legislation are our key 2016 priorities.

Our first public event of the year is our Annual Conference. The theme is security of supply (gas and electricity). If you haven’t a seat (it is fully booked out), you can still follow the (#CEERConf2016 discussion on twitter (@CEERenergy).

Register now for the Executive Seminar (see the Training section for the full calendar of CEER’s 2016 training courses).

Don’t miss the 29 January deadline for submitting your articles or Women in Energy stories for the 5th edition of the ICER Chronicle (see the International section).

Feature: A busy year ahead – CEER’s 2016 Work Programme

CEER – the association of national regulators
As the European association of energy national regulatory associations (NRAs), CEER supports NRAs in their important work nationally and undertaking their role in the completion of the Internal Energy Market (IEM).
Working collectively through CEER, NRAs develop common positions and forward-thinking proposals at EU level which spreads best practice and deliver solutions back within NRAs. CEER will continue to extend the range of services (such as training) it provides for NRAs.

2016 Priorities
CEER will focus on a number of key areas which are important to the effective development of energy markets to the benefit of consumers at both national and EU level:
 • Consumers and retail markets;
 • New legislative/policy developments;
 • The changing role and regulation of distribution networks; and
 • International work beyond the borders of the EU.

Inherent priorities in CEER's 2016 Work Programme are items related to the delivery of commitments set out in the ‘Bridge to 2025” document. CEER will continue its work to improve gas markets, in particular LNG and storage. The ongoing changes to our electricity systems will also come within our focus, including for example the emergence of self-consumption and a review of support policies for renewables and generation. With many new/revised legislation planned for 2016, CEER will continue to support the work of the European institutions in the development of new European regulatory measures and contribute to their effective implementation nationally.

CEER – the champion of consumers
Energy customers are indeed the central focus not only of CEER at European level but also NRAs at national level. Energy regulators play a major role in promoting competition as a means of safeguarding consumers’ interests, thereby allowing them to benefit to the full from competitive prices, improved services and greater choice. The major changes underway in the energy market, are driven by greater penetration of renewable generation and the introduction of smart technologies at grid level and in their homes. These changes will profoundly impact on the way customers interact with the energy market.

In 2016 CEER will continue our efforts to foster competitive energy markets and empower and protect consumers in an evolving European market. We will work towards the enhancement of retail market competition and key services for consumers (such as barriers to market entry, price comparison tools and data management), flexibility, demand response and the changing role and regulation of distribution networks.

Interested parties are invited to contribute to CEER's work through our many events and public consultations.

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Reports: CEER 2016 work programme and Evaluation of Comments

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