June 2012

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  Issue: June 2012

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CEER warmly welcomes ERC, from the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), who this month joined CEER’s ranks as an Observer. CEER now represents 31 national energy regulatory authorities at EU level and internationally through CEER’s membership in the International Confederation of Energy Regulators (ICER). 

The CEER-ICER workshop on Renewable Energy Strategy (see photos and presentations) provided the opportunity to showcase international case studies on renewables.  This event was particularly timely given the launch (6 June) of the European Commission's Renewables Communication. See more ICER news in the international section below.

Talk of the Town CEER’s first ever interactive customer event was the “Talk of the Town” during EU Sustainable Energy Week.  A short flyer (and this month's feature) explains why regulators specifically targeted national consumer bodies and what was so different about this event. The flyer gives a flavour of participants’ feedback and explains the next steps in the process of building a 2020 Vision for energy customers.

On 11 July, CEER and ACER will hold a lunchtime presentation (in Brussels) of the CEER and ACER Draft 2013 Work Programmes.  A short (4-week) consultation on CEER’s work programme will begin on 2 July. 

CEER is also consulting on "Market-based investment procedures for gas infrastructure: issues and approaches" (deadline 14 September 2012).

CEER, proud winner of 2011 Energy Transparency Award (ETA), encourages readers to nominate their preferred transparency project for the 2012 ETA awards

Feature - Let's build a 2020 Vision for Energy Customers 

Expectations were high for CEER’s first ever interactive customer conference on 21 June.  And, CEER delivered.  The conference was the first step in a process led by regulators to build together with consumer bodies, the EU Institutions, industry and others, a 2020 vision for energy customers.

Homework in advance – the CEER discussion paper
6 weeks in advance of the event, CEER published a discussion paper "2020 vision for Europe’s energy customers". It outlined what CEER sees as the key principles that consumers expect from the energy market:
• reliability;
• affordability;
• simplicity; and
• protection and empowerment

This paper (available in 9 languages) formed the basis of the discussion at the interactive event and will in turn feed into the detailed Vision.

Why did CEER specifically target national consumer bodies?
The target audience was consumers and national consumer bodies who would help us shape our 2020 Vision for Europe’s energy customers.  Out of 200 registered participants, 37 consumer representatives from 20 countries participated; quite a success! 6 national consumer bodies each told their story of energy customer empowerment during the event.  

The interactive breakout sessions allowed all participants to discuss, in small groups, key questions based on the four core principles of the CEER discussion paper. Click here for conference proceedings (e.g. promotional video, discussion paper, presentations and photos of the event).

Lord Mogg, CEER President, and Monique Goyens, BEUC Director General, at CEER customer conference

The "Talk of the Town" flyer gives a flavour of the objectives of the CEER customer conference, its interactive nature and feedback received. The European Commission strongly supported this regulator-led initiative and BEUC (the EU consumer body) saw it as a role model for other sectors (see Press Release).

What’s next?
Deadline for comments to the CEER Discussion Paper is 16 July.  In the July edition of this newsletter, there will be video highlights of the customer conference.  During the course of the summer, we will provide further feedback on how the conference debate will guide the overarching vision.  CEER will present a more developed Vision Paper at the London Forum in November 2012.

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2020 vision for Europe’s energy customers - A CEER discussion paper (C12-SC-02-04), 24 April 2012
Press Release (PR-04-12): European Commission congratulates energy regulators on their customer vision, 21 June 2012


On 26 June 2012, the International Confederation of Energy Regulators (ICER) and Very Large Power Grid Operators Association (VLPGO) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signifying a joint commitment on the part of both organisations to share information and explore good practices relating to investment in power network project investment. See Press Release and photos.

Photos and presentations from the FifthWorld Forum on Energy Regulation (WFERV) held in May are now online. 


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