26. May

3rd Trilateral CEER-ECRB-MEDREG Online Workshop

  •  26. May 2021 - 27. May 2021
  •  09:30‐ 12:00
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The Council of European Energy Regulators (CEER), Energy Community Regulatory Board (ECRB) and the Association of Mediterranean Energy Regulators (MEDREG) are organising their 3rd Trilateral CEER-ECRB-MEDREG Workshop on Regulatory means to foster active customer engagement – Flexibility, demand response, prosumers. Consumer protection is a core pillar of CEER, ECRB and MEDREG activities and a central target of regulatory work. This year’s trilateral event will discuss regulatory means to foster active customer engagement and the impact of Covid-19 on the end consumers. Special focus will be out on flexibility, demand response, prosumers. The workshop will be the occasion to present different case studies and trends in the region of activity of the three associations. The meeting will be organised in an online format.

European and Mediterranean regulators continue to encourage greater consumer engagement in markets

Documents day 1 - 26 May

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Session 1 - Jean-Laurent Lastelle.pptx
Session 1 - Nadia Horstmann.pptx
Session 2 - Aca Vuckovic_Igor Telebak.pptx
Session 2 - Jana Haasova_Deniz Herdem.pptx
Session 2 - Mojahed Balbisi.pptx
Session 3 - Florian Pichler.pptx
Session 3 - Karima Sadou.pptx

Documents day 2 - 27 May

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Breakout A - Petrit Haziri.ppt
Breakout A - Rani Al-Achkar.pptx
Breakout A - Veli-Pekka Saajo.pdf
Breakout B - Erjola Sadushi.pptx
Breakout B - Stefan Arent.pptx
Session 1 - Anne-Maud Orlinski.pdf
Session 1 - Eva Lacher.pptx
Session 1 - Paulo Oliveira.pptx
Session 1 - Sandra Hannappel.pptx
Session 3 - Petrit Haziri.ppt