CEER Public consultation on How to Involve and Engage Consumer Organisations in the Regulatory Process

CEER started examining the relationship between National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs) and consumer organisations for the first time in 2013 and came to the conclusion that this relationship deserves a higher degree of attention given the potential synergies that exist between these two parties.

This report (C14-CEM-70-04) examines how best to involve and engage consumer organisations in the regulatory process by drawing up a number of recommendations believed to enhance the collaboration between NRAs and consumer organisations to the benefit of both sides and, ultimately, the final consumer. By proposing concrete measures in the fields of information exchange, capacity building, policy development/design and implementation/enforcement of energy market rules and regulations, CEER concludes that a stronger relationship between NRAs and consumer organisations will likely enhance their institutional performance and thereby create more favourable market conditions as well as better empowerment and protection services for customers in the long run.     

CEER invites all interested stakeholders to respond to this public consultation through the dedicated online questionnaire. The deadline for responses is 8th August 2014.

Following the consultation, CEER will publish all non-confidential responses received. Respondents requesting confidentiality should submit those confidential aspects of their response by marking them as "confidential" in the dedicated online questionnaire.

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CEER Draft advice on "How to Involve and Engage Consumer Organisations in the Regulatory Process"
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