ACER-CEER joint event on ACER Conclusions Paper ‘Energy regulation: A Bridge to 2025’
23 September 2014, Musées Royaux d'Art et d'Histoire (Royal Museums of Art and History) - 10 parc du Cinquantenaire,1000 Brussels


ACER and CEER held a joint event to present the ACER Conclusions Paper: ‘Energy Regulation: A Bridge to 2025’ on 23 September 2014 at the CEER offices in Brussels.  The event was also be broadcast live via webstream.

The ACER Conclusions Paper contains European energy regulators’ considered conclusions on the challenges we expect the electricity and gas sectors to face over the coming decade and on the appropriate regulatory response within the framework of the Europe’s Internal Energy Market. 

It covers a wide range of aspects and is structured principally along sectoral lines: the gas and electricity sectors, including the changing face of electricity generation in the European Union; the changing role of Distribution System Operators; and consumer empowerment and protection and the achievement of retail markets.

The document also includes a chapter on the governance of the process for the development of the internal European gas and electricity markets.

The draft agenda, a short executive summary and other documents are available here