18th European Electricity Regulatory Forum

10-11 June 2010



Strategy for delivering a more integrated European energy market: The role of the Regional Initiatives
Lord Mogg,Chairman ERGEG

Draft Pilot FG for Electricity Grid Connection
Mr Tahir Kapetanovic

IIA and Input for the FG on System Operation
Mr Tahir Kapetanovic

Draft FG for Capacity Allocation and Congestion Management
Mr Alain Marien

Harmonization of CWE Market Coupling with EMCC Volume Coupling
Mr Johannes Kindler

Market integrity framework and transparency
Mr Johannes Kindler

Update on the work on ERGEG advice on Fundamental Data Transparency in Electricity
Mrs Bente Danielsen (ERGEG), Mr Alain Taccoen (ENTSO-E )

Wholesale energy trading licenses in the EU
Mr Johannes Kindler

ERGEG Advice on 10-YNDP & Input to the Infrastructure Package
Mr Tahir Kapetanovic

ERGEG position paper on Smart Grids: an important dimension for cost-efficient investments
Mr Riccardo Vailati

Regulatory perspectives on wind integration
Mr Martin Crouch