Online with online classes on the following dates and times. The instructions on how to join each online class will be communicated in advance to the participants.

- Week 1: 12-16 April 2021: Offline preparation to the course, first welcome online class on 12 April 2021. Expected preparation time: 4 hours.

- Week 2: 20-22 April 2021: Module 1: "EU Energy Regulatory Framework and Policy", 3 Online Classes, approximately 3 hours each day.

- Week 3: 27-29 April 2021: Module 2: "European Electricity and Gas Market Regulation", 3 Online Classes, approximately 3 hours each day.

The course comprises of two related modules and an offline preparation week with expected preparation time of approximately 4 hours. Attendance at both modules is highly recommended, though they are designed such that participants can gain value by attending just one of the modules if they wish.

For other questions on the course, please contact:

CEER: Anh Tran or by phone +32 2 788 73 49.

FSR: Marina Cascella or by phone +39 055 468 5759.