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Dear National Regulatory Authorities,

CEER, the European Consumer Organisation (BEUC) and the National Energy Ombudsmen Network (NEON) are pleased to invite you to participate in the 2021 PEER Regulatory Roundtable on Digital Comparison Tools in Customer Journeys. The event will take place online in the mornings of Monday 7th, Tuesday 8th and Wednesday 9th June 2021.

While comparison tools can be mostly a force for good, they can also raise a range of challenges that need to be addressed, including issues with consumer perceptions and trust, how much of the market they cover, how they rank and compare deals, profiling of consumer behaviour and access to data, as well as how they compete and how they affect competition between suppliers.

The Partnership for the Enforcement of European Rights (PEER) is an endeavour, initiated by CEER, to enhance inter-authority and cross-sectoral cooperation at EU level to better protect and support Europe’s consumers.

This roundtable on digital comparison tools, which follows a similar 2019 regulatory roundtable on bundled products, is an opportunity for regulators, consumer bodies, competition authorities, ADRs and consumer rights enforcers to have a dialogue on key principles and best practices, across sectors and countries, to cooperate in order to solve and prevent disputes arising from unfair commercial practices, inadequate transparency and aggressive or misleading marketing or selling practices, possibly finding common solutions to common challenges.

The draft agenda is available HERE where you can register your participation before 4 June.

You are also invited to send us your specific questions on the topics presented to the email address ComparisonTools@ceer.eu.

We hope that as many of you will join us to share and gain insights on experiences with comparison tools within and across sectors.

Looking forward to a fruitful discussion!

Annegret Groebel, CEER President                                      

Monique Goyens, BEUC Director General                                      

Janusz Gwiazdowski, NEON President




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