July/August 2017

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A warm welcome to GNERC, the Georgian regulatory authority, who has joined CEER as an Observer.

Check out our revamped website (www.ceer.eu).  Now better accessible on tablets and smartphones, the CEER website also has a new translation facility that translates (in verbal and written form) our documents into multiple EU languages.

We have added 4 more White Papers to our series of Regulatory White Papers on the Clean Energy proposals (featured below). Clean Energy is also the focus of our CEER Annual Conference (19 September).

The public consultation on our 2018 work programme is open until 31 July.

Mark your calendars (20-23 March, 2018) for the World Forum on Energy Regulation in Cancun, Mexico.

Regulators’ 4 latest Clean Energy Regulatory White Papers (in brief)

Our series of Clean Energy Regulatory White Papers outline regulators’ positions on wholesale, network, regulatory and consumer elements of the Clean Energy legislative proposals.

The latest batch - 4 CEER Regulatory White Papers - are briefly outlined below.

Efficient System Operation

CEER welcomes the regional coordination proposed for ROCs, noting that further discussion and investigation will be undertaken with the clear objective of developing a robust regulatory oversight framework and in particular establishing the optimal allocation of responsibilities between TSOs and ROCs at regional level. This review will be based on the experience gained from the implementation of RSCs, in order to establish appropriate principles on regional TSO coordination and on the precise allocation of different responsibilities.

-Full implementation of capacity allocation and congestion management is essential. CEER cautions that the creation of further harmonised European arrangements for managing cross-border congestion may not add value, but will instead risk creating enduring regulations that are not compatible with local needs.

-CEER supports a level playing field for delivery of non-frequency related ancillary services, fair compensation for its provision and appropriate coordination between DSOs and TSOs in accessing these services.

The independence of National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs)

Given that regulatory independence is important to ensure that competitive energy markets work in the best long-run interests of consumers, CEER emphasises the need to:

-safeguard the independence of national regulatory authorities (NRAs)
-ensure that the term for NRA Head/Board is respected
-ensure adequate resources for independent regulators
-facilitate consultation, accountability and transparency


CEER broadly welcomes the Clean Energy proposals on infrastructure with the following key recommendations:

- develop interconnection based on costs and benefits (and not on the basis of “one-size-fits-all” interconnection target across the EU).
- review the proposed harmonisation of transmission tariffs
- allow flexibility in use of interconnector congestion income
- facilitate improvements in transmission planning

Adequacy and Capacity Remuneration Mechanisms

CEER broadly welcomes the system adequacy and CRM-related proposals:

-introduce a harmonised framework for adequacy assessment at European level, implemented at regional level, with the results taken into account when putting in place a Capacity Remuneration Mechanisms (CRM).

-If a CRM is introduced, it should provide a clear, transparent and credible framework to the market and for investors and should allow cross-border participation so as not to distort investment signals between neighbouring zones.

What’s next?

The forthcoming Renewable Self-Consumers and Energy Communities paper will complete our series of Clean Energy Regulatory White Papers.

The CEER Annual Conference (19 September) Powering Towards Clean Energy in Europe is an occasion for institutional decision makers to openly discuss the Clean Energy package with energy regulators and stakeholders at a key stage of the legislative negotiations. The conference focuses on 3 elements of the Clean Energy proposals:

-empowering consumers in wholesale and retail markets
-market design, renewables and local energy communities, and
-the changing role of Distribution System Operators (DSOs).

Public Consultations and Events

Visit our website for our future consultations and events.
Public Consultation: CEER Work Programme 2018 (deadline: 31/07/2017)

PR 17-04 CEER welcomes the Georgian National Regulatory Authority (2017-06-30)


Visit our website for our future consultations and events.

- 4 New Regulatory White Papers (Infrastructure, The Independence of National Regulatory Authorities, Efficient System Operation, Consumer Empowerment)


The next World Forum, an international energy regulatory conference held every 3 years, will be in Cancun, Mexico (20-23 March).

Until our next newsletter, in September, happy holidays.



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