June 2017

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Energy consumers are in focus in our latest 4 Regulatory White Paper on the Clean Energy legislative proposals (see the Feature article below).  The new consumer rights proposed in the Clean Energy package are also the focus of our Sustainable Energy Week event (21 June)

Already looking ahead, we are now consulting on our CEER 2018 Work Programme.

Interested in sharing your energy regulatory work with a worldwide audience? 

Don’t miss the (June) deadlines (see the International section below) for ICER Distinguished Scholar Awards and ICER Chronicle submissions.

4 new Regulatory White Papers in a nutshell

We have added 4 more White Papers to our series of Regulatory White Papers on the Clean Energy proposals (our first 3 were featured in the May Newsletter). 
Consumer Empowerment
CEER welcomes the proposals, but recommends
• faster switching, aiming at 24-hour switching by 2025 to improve consumer empowerment;
• clear, accurate customer information and billing; and
• customers should be protected by means other than price-setting below market price.

Technology that Benefits Consumers
CEER welcomes the emphasis on consumers, but recommends
• a more flexible approach to smart meter roll-out;
• dynamic prices from suppliers to consumers should be facilitated (not mandated); and
• Data interoperability rather than necessarily a common EU data standard.

Facilitating Flexibility
ACER-CEER supports many aspects of the proposals (e.g. the new DSO entity) but call for a holistic approach to support market flexibility, and for flexibility to support network operation.  We see scope for improvement to the effect that:

• Member States shall ensure that market access for aggregators is not foreclosed by suppliers and arrangements provide for payments for resold energy (‘compensation’);
• TSOs and DSOs are required to coordinate with each other; and
• DSOs are adequately unbundled.

Efficient Wholesale Price Formation
ACER-CEER support the proposals to strengthen price signals and to remove electricity wholesale price caps below the Value of Lost Load (VoLL).

In our view:
• Markets require efficient pricing to bring benefits for consumers;
• The real-time value of energy should be the basis for the pricesthat wholesale market participants face – wholesale prices may rise in scarcity situations;
• All wholesale market participants should face the same signals and have the same balancing responsibilities.

Our next Regulatory White Papers will deal with issues such as ancillary services, infrastructure, system adequacy, system operation including (ROCs) and energy communities.

Public Consultations and Events

Visit our website for our future consultations and events.
Public Consultation: CEER Work Programme 2018 (deadline: 31/07/2017)
EU SEW event (21/06) on new consumer rights


- 4 New Regulatory White Papers


-16 June deadline: ICER Chronicle Articles and Women in Energy stories.

-30 June deadline: ICER Distinguished Scholar Awards.



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