CEER publishes Report on How to Foster LNG Markets in Europe

Today, CEER publishes a new Report on How to Foster LNG Markets in Europe.

The report starts with an analysis of current LNG markets and notes the diversity of situations and different solutions adopted by EU countries concerning the regulation of their LNG terminals. CEER then proposes several ways which could contribute to fostering a market for LNG in Europe, including considerations on transparency, LNG price references, the flexibility of LNG contracts, regional streamlining of infrastructures, innovation in terms of services and regulatory coordination.

The main conclusions of the report are:

  • CEER does not identify a need for additional regulation of LNG terminals at European level.
  • CEER believes that attracting LNG to come to Europe could be further enhanced with the development of price references.
  • CEER welcomes any market development that facilitates LNG's arrival in Europe, such as supply contract clauses flexibilisation and greater flexibility in the upstream part of the value chain.
  • Regulatory regimes should ensure that there are no undue barriers to LNG market development, such as regimes for transmission that are not suited for LNG. An evolution to “Dynamic regulation” could provide the necessary tools to provide such adaptation.
  • The implementation of the Gas Target Model all over Europe is still essential to provide price signals to attract LNG to the region when needed.

The report is published together with a Citizens' Q&A.



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