May 2018 


Diaries are filling up for events in the next few weeks. The CEER 2018 Annual Conference will take place on the afternoon of 5 June in Brussels. The theme is CEER’s soon-to-be-launched 3D, 3-year strategy for 2019 to 2021. See the feature below for a preview of our strategy: Digitalisation, Decarbonisation & Dynamic Regulation. Although there only a few seats left for this conference, the debate can be followed live on web-streaming and on CEER’s twitter (#CEER3Dstrategy).
Upcoming CEER events:
CEER’s 2018 Annual Conference, 5 June, Brussels
EU Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW), 4 – 8 June, Brussels:
-    “The changing landscape of renewable energy financing and support”, 7 June (14.00 – 15.30), an EUSEW 2018 event organised by EBRD and CEER
-    “CLEAN ENERGY 4.0: designing a new era for all Europeans together”, 7 June (16.00 – 17.30), an EUSEW 2018 event organised by CEER ORGALIME, CERRE, APPLiA and CEER
• CEER-European Commission’s 7th Eastern Partnership regulatory workshop on security of supply and solidarity, 14 – 15 June, Budapest
• CEER-ECRB-MEDREG workshop on consumer involvement and retail market opening, 27 June, Vienna

Upcoming CEER training courses (for regulators) in Brussels:
• Regulatory Impact Assessment, 11 June
• Network Tariffs for Transmission and Distribution, 12-13 June
• Network Incentive Regulation and Benchmarking, 14-15 June
Interested in sharing your energy regulatory work with a worldwide audience?  Don’t miss the 30 June deadline for submitting your articles or Women in Energy stories for the next edition of the ICER Chronicle (see the International section).

FEATURE – Preview of CEER’s 3D Strategy: Digitalisation, Decarbonisation & Dynamic Regulation
CEER’s annual work programme priorities – the process
As is our usual practice for this time of year, we are working hard on our 2018 deliverables whilst also identifying our work priorities for next year. We then have a summer public consultation on our proposed deliverables for the year ahead, which feeds into the final priorities selected. This is our well-established process and practice, but there is a new twist this time round.  Our CEER 2019 Work Programme deliverables are framed by a new 3-year strategy for the period 2019-2021.  
CEER’s 3-year strategy
Against the background of the Clean Energy legislative proposals, CEER has developed our own “3D” strategic policy objectives for 2019 to 2021 to help ensure that the energy sector transition delivers a beneficial new deal for all consumers.  CEER’s 3-year/3D policy strategy will therefore guide CEER’s deliverables and activities from 2019 to 2021, including its annual Work Programmes. It builds on our “CEER-BEUC 2020 Vision for Europe’s Energy Customers” and the ACER-CEER “Bridge to 2025” commitments.
CEER’s 3D strategy: Digitalisation, Decarbonisation & Dynamic Regulation
The core elements of CEER’s 3D strategy are:
• Digitalisation: Drive forward a new deal for consumers in a digital world (D1);
• Decarbonisation at least cost (D2); and
• Dynamic regulation: European solutions for adaptive regulation in a fast-changing world (D3).

The “Ds” should be considered together. For example, dynamic regulation (D3) is needed in response to a fast-changing environment with increased levels of enabling digitalisation/new technologies (D1) and environmental challenges including decarbonisation policies (D2).

CEER’s forthcoming 3D strategy looks at regulators’ objectives in the context of the challenges and opportunities ahead. We place a strong emphasis on decarbonisation at least cost, on digitalisation for consumers and to enable system savings from digitalisation, and to have an agile regulatory framework that facilitates innovation.

What’s next – CEER conference and public consultation on the 3D strategy
The CEER 2018 Annual Conference on 5 June in Brussels will be the first opportunity for interested parties to discuss and shape this 3D strategy. Speakers include high level representatives from the European institutions, consumer bodies, the OECD, block chain experts, industry, academics and regulators. In June, CEER will publicly consult on the 3-year strategy and the proposed 2019 deliverables (the first year of the strategy).


Call for Articles and Women in Energy stories for the ICER Chronicle - 30 June.
Energy regulators worldwide collaborate through the International Confederation of Energy Regulators (ICER). Twice a year, ICER publishes in electronic format the ICER Chronicle, featuring articles on the latest regulatory research/thinking and Women in Energy (WIE) stories.

30 June 2018 is the deadline for regulators, academia, industry, consultants, consumer groups etc. to submit their articles for the next edition of the ICER Chronicle.  We are also looking for self-authored Women in Energy stories by the same (30/06) deadline.


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