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CEER 2022-2025 Strategy "Empowering Consumers for the Energy Transition"

 10 June 2021 

Today, CEER publishes its Strategy for the period from 2022 to 2025 "Empowering Consumers for the Energy Transition". It sets out the overall policy strategy for the coming years building on the current 3D Strategy for 2019 until 2021 which has three pillars: Digitalisation in the consumer interest, Decarbonisation at least cost and Dynamic regulation.

European energy regulators are committed empowering consumers for energy transition with a view to promoting the energy transition and contributing to a carbon-neutral society and economy. To achieve the overarching targets of Decarbonisation, Climate Neutrality, Sustainability and Efficiency, the 2022-2025 CEER Strategy builds on the three regulatory dimensions:


These three regulatory dimensions lead to six core areas for CEER to address its work:

  • Energy system integration
  • Sustainable and efficient infrastructure
  • Consumer-centric design
  • Decentralised and local energy
  • Well-functioning markets
  • Flexibility

In April 2021, we consulted stakeholders on an earlier draft of this Strategy. We are grateful for the input and we have published our reaction in the form of the Evaluation of responses addressing the comments and proposals received. Please find the full 2022-2025 CEER Strategy document here.


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