CEER engaged to further improve comparability of continuity indicators

Today, CEER publishes a note on comparability of continuity indicators. Since 2001, CEER has been engaged in the publication of periodic Benchmarking Reports on the quality of supply across Europe using well established indicators for electricity continuity of supply (i.e. SAIDI, SAIFI, and MAIFI). Although these continuity indicators are internationally established, there are many implementation factors which impinge on the comparability of reported indicator values.

Continuity of supply (including, since the 6th Report, for gas) is an important part of every CEER Benchmarking Report on the Quality of Supply. Since the very first report, it has been evident that different approaches to treatment of continuity of supply indicators weaken the reliability of benchmarking of the values provided by European countries. Six full CEER Benchmarking Reports have been published since 2001, with the 7th full report expected in late 2020. However, the overall situation has not changed significantly and it is clear that CEER needs to continue to examine the scope for improvement.

CEER conducted an analysis which showed that, even though continuity of electricity supply is monitored in all responding countries, there are significant differences in the way individual countries calculate their indicators.

CEER will engage to further improve the comparability of continuity indicators and recommends further discussion and work on this topic in order to better harmonise indicators.

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