Regulatory Treatment of Power-to-Gas: second Paper in the ACER/CEER European Green Deal Regulatory White Paper series

11 February 2021

The EU Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER) and the Council of European Energy Regulators (CEER) publish today a White Paper with recommendations on how to regulate Power-to-Gas facilities in the context of a European Integrated Energy System, which is fundamental to implement successfully the European Green Deal. Power-to-Gas consists of transforming electricity into renewable gases contributing to optimise the energy system as a whole with renewables.

This Paper is the second in a new series of ACER/CEER European Green Deal Regulatory White Papers  following the publication of the first one on pure hydrogen networks last week. The aim is to deepen understanding on the regulatory aspects of Green Deal issues and to assist the European Commission in assessing various options as part of the preparations for legislation on hydrogen and energy system integration.

The Paper provides the following 7 recommendations on regulating power-to-gas facilities:

1.  Revisit the current set of definitions for major activities in the context of integrated gas and electricity sectors
2. Consider investment and management of power-to-gas installations as market-based activities which are open to competition among market players
3. Allow involvement of system operators in the development and operation of power-to-gas installations only in exceptional cases
4.  Include power-to-gas installations and their suitable locations in system needs analysis
5.  Define cost-reflective network tariffs, which should be applied to comparable activities across the electricity and gas sectors in a technologically-neutral way
6.  Avoid distortive effects of taxes and levies on the integrated energy system
7.  Ensure traceability of renewable energy throughout the integrated energy system

Please read the full paper here.

Coming next in the White Paper series is the CEER-only White Paper on Long-Term Storage.


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