Press Release 19-03

 Energy Regulators seek to enable digitalisation in the consumer interest

•    CEER consults on how to enable energy digitalisation in the consumer interest
•    EU and US energy regulators meet on cybersecurity and market monitoring
•    Charles Esser is the next CEER Secretary General

Today at the CEER-NARUC International Forum1, the Council of European Energy Regulators (CEER)2, launched a public consultation on its report “dynamic regulation to enable digitalisation of the energy system3. The report examines the implications of digitalisation for the energy sector, and for consumers in particular, for feedback by 14 May.

CEER President, Dr Annegret Groebel, explained regulators’ approach to energy digitalisation:
“Energy regulators are keen to enable digitalisation that unlocks efficiency and value for consumers. Digitalisation facilitates the transition towards a more flexible energy system by a greater use of data. Consumer need to be both empowered through digitalisation and adequately protected against risks, and we want to mitigate against a digital divide. The consultation documents seeks feedback on regulatory proposals.”

Today’s CEER-NARUC International Forum focused on energy digitalisation and cybersecurity. This public event, organised by energy regulators, brought together international experts including regulators (FERC and NARUC), the International Energy Agency, the World Economic Forum, the European Commission and ENTSO-E. The event highlights several recent reports on energy digitalisation and cybersecurity4. The event was followed by the European Commission’s energy digitalisation event, making for a full day of energy digitalisation discussions.

EU and US energy regulators meet on cybersecurity and market monitoring
Today’s CEER-NARUC International Forum marked continuing dialogue between European and American energy regulators. Yesterday, at a closed roundtable, NARUC and FERC joined CEER and ACER for discussions on regulatory independence, wholesale nodal pricing, the future role of gas and market monitoring. See the conclusions of the 14th EU-US Regulatory Roundtable5.

Charles Esser is the next CEER Secretary General
Charles Esser will be the next CEER Secretary General, effective from 15 April 2019 for a 3-year term. Mr Esser has worked as a High-Level Administrator (HLA) in the CEER Secretariat since June 2017. He has 18-years’ experience in the energy field including in the International Energy Agency (IEA), government and not-for-profit sector. He will succeed Andrew Ebrill who shortly returns to the Irish energy regulatory authority, CRU.

What’s next?
•    CEER welcomes feedback to its public consultation on Dynamic Regulation to Enable Digitalisation of the Energy System by 14th May.
•    Save the date: Friday 21 June for the CEER workshop on cybersecurity.


Brussels, 19 March 2019

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