CEER 2021 Work Programme

14 January 2021

Today, CEER publishes its Work Programme for 2021. This year's Work Programme comprises of 27 public work items, which consists of four activities (such as webinars, workshops or conferences), 21 written deliverables (reports) and one item that has both elements. The work items are derived from the CEER's 3D Strategy for the period 2019-2021: digitalisation in the consumer interest; decarbonisation at least cost; and dynamic regulation and the Clean Energy for All Europeans package.

Consumers and retail markets remain an ongoing priority alongside the work on the role of Distribution System Operators. CEER will be engaged with regulators across the globe and also will continue to be active in supporting the European institutions to further develop and implement measures to enhance the Internal Energy Market and to respond to initiatives related to the European Green Deal.

Finally, CEER has also published the Evaluation of Responses document, which accompanies the CEER 2021 Work Programme and provides CEER’s considered reaction to stakeholders' comments on the public consultation issued in June last year. CEER thanks the various responding organisations for their input to the process.



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