CEER Status Review on Application of the Supply Standard Foreseen in the Security of Supply Regulation

17 October 2018

Today, CEER publishes its Status Review on the application of the supply standard foreseen in the Security of Supply Regulation (Reg 994/2010 and Reg 2017/1938). The status review aims to gain insights regarding the application of the supply standard at national level, to identify current approaches and to share experiences as reported by the National Regulatory Authorities.

The main finding are:

Most Member States apply the “1 in 20year” rule and compute the corresponding extreme gas consumption in a dynamic statistical manner (yearly update based on historical data).

Definition of protected customers

There is a diversity of protected customers definitions: from households (e.g. Austria and Finland) to a maximum extension of the definition (including small and medium-sized enterprises connected to distribution network and essential social services as long as jointly ≤ 20% final gas consumption and district heating).

Storage obligations
Various Member States apply, from light to strong, storage obligations regarding the filling levels for storage, others do not have storage obligations at all and some have strategic storages.

Protected gas volumes
Calculations based on recent Eurostat data for 2016 show that at least 36.9% of EU-28 gas consumption is protected according to the Regulation (2016 data) which amounts to 1823,20 TWh. Volumes and shares in national gas consumption of protected gas varies considerable across Member States.

Download the full status review here



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