CEER-FSR Joint Course on Fundamentals of Energy Regulation

7-11 April 2014

Course Organisation

The Council of European Energy Regulators together with the Florence School of Regulation have developed a unique course bringing together senior regulatory expertise and in-depth knowledge of the sector and the profession and the Florence School’s rigorous academic understanding of regulatory principles. The course is designed to provide participants with a thorough introduction to the core rules and tools for staff working in energy regulation. 

By combining practical on-the-job experience with academic groundings the course seeks to build the operational understanding and capacity of regulatory staff. The course provides different perspectives and experiences on energy regulation by involving instructors who will explain both the principles and practices of energy market regulation.

The course will also allow participants to build contacts and exchange experience with colleagues from regulatory authorities across Europe.

To register, please complete the online form found on the Registration Tab above by Friday 28 March 2014 (new deadline for registration).

Final Course Programme


You can register online via the Florence School of Regulation  webpage.

For any questions, please contact training@ceer.eu.