CEER publishes Pan-European cost-efficiency benchmarking for electricity and gas transmission system operators

Today, CEER publishes two final reports of the Pan-European Cost-Efficiency Electricity and Gas Transmission System Operators Project accompagnied by Appendices.

The Transmission Cost Benchmarking project 2018 (TCB18) was carried out by CEER and its consultant Sumiscid.

The main objective was to initiate a stable and regular process for performance assessment of energy transmission system operators (TSOs). The project covers both electricity and gas transmission and involves in total 46 TSOs from 16 countries in Europe. The project is the most ambitious regulatory benchmarking project documented so far, mobilising national regulatory authorities (NRA), TSOs and a consultant in a joint effort to develop robust and comprehensive data and models. The project lasted from December 2017 to June 2019, involving five workshops and three successive stages of project setup, data collection and validation, followed by calculation and reporting.

The model shows that the electricity TSOs had a mean cost efficiency of 89.8% for 2017 (with four frontier outlier operators and four best-practice peers) and the gas TSOs had a mean cost efficiency of 79% for 2017 (with six frontier outlier operators and four best-practice peers).



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