CEER Publishes TSO/DSO Unbundling Report and Opens Registration for a Workshop (3 July) to Launch the Report

Today, CEER has published a Status Review on Implementation of TSO and DSO Unbundling Provisions . Its findings will be presented and discussed at a workshop at the CEER Secretariat in Brussels on Wednesday, 3 July 2019.

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Under the 3rd (2009) Package of EU energy laws, EU Member States must ensure the separation of vertically integrated energy companies, resulting in the separation of the various stages of energy supply (generation, distribution, transmission and supply).

The independence of the network operators is assessed through a certification process conducted by national regulatory authorities (NRAs).

CEER (the European association of energy regulators), in this status review, examines how the unbundling provisions have been implemented at national level (in 25 countries) for Transmission System Operators (TSOs) and Distribution System Operators (DSOs), with a focus on developments since 2015. The report also covers the main changes on unbundling introduced by the 2019 Clean Energy Package (CEP).

TSO unbundling
CEER’s report looks at the new developments in TSO unbundling practice. Topics explored include: reopening of certification decisions and the reasons for this; third-country certifications; cross-border certifications; requirements for state-owned TSOs; financial independence; compliance issues; investments, joint-venture TSOs and joint undertakings.

The CEER report finds that several TSOs went from the Independent TSO (ITO) model to full Ownership Unbundling (OU). Several Member States have decided to not take ownership shares in their TSOs in the future (instead supporting the privatisation of their TSOs). We also observe a trend of third country participations in EU TSOs so that the procedure of Article 11 of the Directives has to be properly applied in order to involve all parties (Member States and the European Commission) equally and thoroughly assess the “security of supply” criteria.

DSO unbundling

Our report looks at the unbundling regime and DSO structure; rebranding; independence; resources; and the compliance regime. A major issue on the DSO side is DSO proper (re)branding in order to avoid confusion with the vertically integrated undertaking (VIU). In countries where rebranding processes have been carried out, non-compliance has been detected in several countries but more than half of the NRAs concerned consider that it was conducted to a satisfactory level in both gas and electricity.
See the CEER Unbundling Report  and register here for the Unbundling Workshop.



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