CEER Report on Smart Technology Development
5 June 2018

Today, the Council of European Energy Regulators (CEER) publishes its Report on Smart Technology Development.
This report identifies emerging trends, technologies and business models in the energy sector, that may have a significant impact on the functioning of the retail market and assesses the potential need for regulation. To optimise the use of each of these technologies, Regulators and Members States may need to consider regulatory changes. CEER’s report explores such cases and identifies the need for further analysis in several cases.  
The focus here is on five technologies which are changing the traditional role of the customer and how they interact with retail energy markets. The five technologies are: 1.) smart home technologies and Internet of Things; 2.) electricity self-generation; 3.) electrical energy storage; 4.) charging stations and electric vehicles; and 5.) blockchain applications for the energy sector. Examples of emerging trends in commercial technologies or business models are provided, and the changes that they are driving are highlighted.
This report is part of CEER’s strategy to prepare for and respond to the increasing digitalisation of energy markets. For more on this, see the Public Consultation on CEER’s proposed 3D strategy



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