25 March 2024
Requested by the European Commission as a follow up of the 9th Energy Infrastructure Forum (June 2023), this paper analyses the main barriers to anticipatory investments and provides a set of recommendations to promote national incentive schemes to overcome them.

Ref: C22-LAC-25-04, 20 March 2024
This Status Review assesses the status of DSO and TSO unbundling, highlighting new developments since summer 2018 regarding the implementation of the rules introduced by the Clean Energy Package and giving a brief outlook of the main novelties in unbundling-related provisions emerging under the recently agreed Hydrogen and Decarbonised Gas Market Package.
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The paper offers a snapshot of energy regulators’ priorities and focus during the second half of 2023. It points to key trends that emerged during that period. The aim is to provide an overview of our work but also to encourage readers to look into some of our recent reports more closely.

C23-IRB-70-03, 21 February 2024
This report provides a general overview of the regulatory regimes applied in 2023 and the required efficiency developments. It analyses the overall determination of capital costs of CEER Members plus Northern Ireland and five Energy Community Regulatory Board (ECRB) members, most of which are CEER Observers, including Ukraine. A major focus is placed on the calculation of an adequate rate of return (RoR), the determination of the regulatory asset base (RAB) and the depreciation of assets in the different regulatory regimes. Other important individual parameters and new incentive mechanisms presented in this study should be interpreted in the context of a whole country-specific regulatory regime. Some contents only reflect an ex-ante approach for 2023, while ex-post calculations are yet to be performed. This report also serves as a background paper to CEER work on quantitative and qualitative incentives.

The related documents accompanying the report are:
Annex 4 - Collected & filled out tables
Annex 5 - Case studies of single regulatory regimes
Annex 6 - General case study
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